Flowers will cover everything

Human history is a wide Mandala.
Then, somehow, a cosmic wind will blow.
And then, flowers will cover everything___

But when the earth starts blossoming
with fragrant flowers of springtime,
flowers of every sort,
then it is that you must come up
from the misty realms of darkness,
once again,
a great thing of wonder
to gods and mortal humans alike.

(From Homeric Hymn to Demeter)

Siamo tutti sopravvissuti. 2016, acrylic, graphite, symbol transfers
and collage on canvas – 150 x 145 cm


fatamorgana_150 x 120

Fatamorgana. 2016, acrylic, graphite, ink, crayon
and collage on paper – 150 x 120 cm



What we are able to, lies
in the eyes
– Loss and visions, liquid
dust that will feed Spirit-flowers
in the Breathlessair___

Untitled no 3_2015_108 x 160Untitled no. 3, 2015, acrylic, ink, graphite, crayon
and collage on paper – 108 x 160 cm


Molecularlove, bees they
from flower to flower – From
eternity to eternity – Not-needing
– Just Waves-flowers floating
on the edge___

Untitled no 6 2016_145 x 150Untitled no. 6, 2016, acrylic, graphite
and collage on canvas – 145 x 150 cm


Redflowers’beats on Christmas
pale – Flowers are memories
remembered by nature-angels, on flat
Or butterflies’words ready
to fly___

Untitled no 4_2016_115 x 120Untitled no. 4, 2016, Acrylic
and collage on paper – 115 x 120 cm


Thoughts of what I saw,
will no longer be
– Thoughts in time are flowers
at the end of Time,
of what it was___

Untitled no 7_ 2015_110 x 150Untitled no. 7, 2015, acrylic
and graphite on canvas – 110 x 150 cm


Little flowers of velvet blue
growing at night with roots in the
starlighted air – no dreams neither
angels, they breath of human voice
and kindness of cats’ purring___

Untitled no 5_2016_diptych 147 x 135 cmUntitled no. 5, 2016, acrylic
and collage on paper – diptych 147 x 135 cm


Moments standing in darkness –
Silence and insecurity like bosoms of
a narcotic pale date.
At dawn, begin again
Robin-coloured flower:
Thou begin again___

Untitled no 2_2016_diptych 155 x 150Untitled no. 2, 2016, wall paint
and acrylic on canvas – diptych 155x 150 cm


Nothing left to say
no voice, no air
– New Sun-neon-flowers will dance
Blossomed body of the
Mystic child___

Untitled no 1_2016_diptych 155 x 150Untitled no. 1, 2016, wall paint
and acrylic on canvas – diptych 155x 150 cm

Untitled no 3_2016_diptych 155 x 150Untitled no. 1, 2016, wall paint
and acrylic on canvas – diptych 155x 150 cm

Flesh of light through the day
– at night, flowers in my mind