Sketches – Ideas – Writings

The Creative Act, the Self and Transformation.


Inspiration is let flow the mind in remembering – it is the point of intersection of memory and imagination, which (only at that point) return to being a one and only Essence.

The Creative Action is the Seed of Inspiration: its fruit is an imperceptible and intimate Transformation: necessary conditions are Intellect and Heart.


a Surface is a place that welcomes the beat of Inspiration: It becomes created Image and it bears testimony to the Action

a Shade is an argument

Color is a sensation

a Sketch is a articulation

a Sign is a story

a Stain is an enterprise

a Fragment is compassion

Language is to share.

These elements are method of the search . Research is:

Move Inspiration to Recycle that fragment of the Self splintered away by the experience – recomposing a new, munificent hypothesis – a multiple becoming of the seed outside the fence of the only rationalization.

Transformation after transformation, leave the Light free.